Updated on 4/26/16

"Boarding Schools by the beach" or "Boarding Schools near the beach"? They're common search phrases that we see bouncing around the web and this site-- on a daily basis AQ's site visitors search for schools that meet this requirement. Made us wonder why.

Could be a desire to attend a school that offers marine biology. Perhaps the draw is an athletic program that offers competitive sailing. Might be the promise of catching some rays during a free period or joining a surf club. Maybe it's as a simple a yearning to go to school near the water.

Whatever the reason it inspired us to break out the map and plot some of the schools that enjoy a close proximity to the ocean.

North and South; East Coast and West Coast, boarding schools that dot the shoreline include the following:


Stevenson School
Pebble Beach, CA
Co-ed school, 9-12

Santa Catalina School
Monterey, CA
All-girls school, 9-12

Cate School
Carpinteria, CA
Co-ed school, 9-12

Army and Navy Academy
Carlsbad, CA
All-boys school, 7-12


Hyde School
Bath, ME
Co-ed school, 9-12, PG


Landmark School
Prides Crossing, MA
Co-ed school, 9-12

Tabor Academy
Marion, MA
Co-ed school, 9-12

Rhode Island

St. Andrew's School - RI
Barrington, RI
Co-ed school, 9-12

Portsmouth Abbey School
Portsmouth, RI
Co-ed school, 9-12

St. George's School

Middletown, RI
Co-ed school, 9-12

New York

The Knox School
St. James, NY
Co-ed school, 7-12

The Stony Brook School
Stony Brook, NY
Co-ed school, 7-12


Christchurch School
Christchurch, VA
All-boys school, 8-12, PG


Florida Air Academy
Melbourne, FL
Co-ed school, 6-12, PG

Saint Andrew's School
Boca Raton, FL
Co-ed school, 9-12

Admiral Farragut Academy
St. Petersburg, FL
Co-ed school, 6-12

The Bolles School
Jacksonville, FL
Co-ed school, 7-12, PG


Hawaii Preparatory Academy
Kamuela, HI
Co-ed school, 6-12, PG