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Boarding School Notes

What is the True Cost of Boarding School?

Learn how to determine the true cost of boarding school!

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The Big List of Boarding School Resources!

Check out the ultimate list of boarding school resources. One big article with everything you need to help you through the admission process!

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13 Actors Who Walked the Red Carpet From Boarding School to the Academy Awards!

For these actors and actresses, their path to the red carpet went through boarding school.

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The Ultimate List of Boarding School Pro & Olympic Athletes!

From professional athletes to Olympic champions, here's the ultimate list of boarding school professional & Olympic athletes!

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The Added Value of Experiential Education, Part 1

Experiential education is something of a buzzword in education, but is it another fad? Learn about its practice as seen through the eyes of one of its committed practitioners.

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Military School Opportunities for Girls in the South

Military Schools for Girls: A review of four boarding schools in the South.

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What does it mean for boarding school to be "accredited?"

Families ask this question all the time. After all, virtually every private/boarding school references its membership in its accrediting body. But, what does accreditation mean? This article answers the question.

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Flipping the Classroom: One teacher’s journey into turning class time inside out

A Conversation with Justin Joslin, Director of Experiential Learning, New Hampton School

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3 Connecticut Boarding Schools With Equestrian Programs

Are you a high school equestrian? Learn about three Connecticut boarding schools that offer the opportunity to combine a boarding school education and your equestrian pursuits.

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Boarding Schools in California with Theater Programs

Dreaming of going to boarding school in California to make your acting dreams come true? Here are three boarding schools with strong theater programs to check out!

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