Prep School Articles

We put our experience as students, teachers and administrators, to work for applying families. At AQ, we work to develop and find focused tools that help families navigate the private school and boarding school world.

Below are AQ articles and thoughts on independent schools, as well as links to other online resources that we like.

Finding the Right Private School

Andrew Churchill, former Dean of Admission at New Hampton School, answers questions and makes recommendations about beginning a school search.

Boarding School Interviews

Boarding School interviews are of great importance to the admission process. AQ provides a set of tips to consider as you prepare for your boarding school interview.

Prep School Applicants: Feature Your Strengths!

Highlighting one’s talents and interests applies to all prep school applicants. AQ looks at how an applicant should highlight his or her strengths.

Prep School Application Checklist

AQ prep school application checklist gives you a month-by-month breakdown of the application process.

Gap Year Programs

As a follow up to our PG article, we've put together a list of Gap Year Programs and resources that provide a starting point for the kinds of experiences that many students and families seek.

Homesickness: Challenges of Building New Bonds

Joining a new boarding school community can be an exhilarating experience, but it can evoke feelings of homesickness. AQ examines the problem with the help of residential life experts.

PG Year at a Boarding School

Thinking about a PG or Post-graduate Year at a boarding school? AQ's overview provides a look into the reasons students elect to ‘PG’ before heading off to college.

A Post Graduate Year; what's that?

Considering a post graduate year? AQ examines the history of the 'PG' year and why they're offered by prep schools.

Tips for Students Accepted at a Private School

Educational consultant Marylou Marcus offers tips for students who have been accepted at a boarding school or private school.

Catholic School Benefits

Parents and their children benefit from the high academic standards, values-added education offered by Catholic Schools. AQ examines the many benefits associated with Catholic Schools.