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Boarding School Benefits

Students choose boarding schools for multiple reasons. Small classes, extracurricular opportunities and an edge in college admissions rank highly in the minds of many. The list below offers key reasons for attending boarding schools.

Boarding School Life
Boarding schools provide a great opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities, some of which you may never have tried- from athletics to debate. You don’t just go to class. You’re on an athletic team, play in the jazz band and work as student tour guide for the admission office.

Smaller Scale Academics
Small classes, personal attention and relationships with teachers means not getting lost or overlooked in the classroom. Be prepared to participate by asking questions and knowing your material.

College Counseling/Academic Guidance
Many boarding schools have dedicated college counselors to guide you through the competitive college admission process. They help you explore the possibilities and zero in on the schools that best fit your talents and interests.

Relationships Beyond the Classroom
You get to know your teachers as people. They don't go home at three o'clock when classes are over; they live with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The classroom is just a small part of a boarding school experience. Some of the most important learning takes place outside of the classroom.

Family Atmosphere
Boarding schools are committed to fostering a tight knit community. Warm, friendly, family-like atmospheres are found in many boarding schools.

A Busy Life
Boarding schools provide structure outside the classroom. Afternoon requirements (athletics, arts, etc.) and evening study hours keep you engaged throughout the day.

Parental Communication
Boarding schools communicate the good and the bad with parents- a phone call from a teacher or advisor at early signs of struggle isn’t uncommon. Nor is it out of the ordinary to hear from the school when their child excels. Parent participation is encouraged- they want to hear from you.

About AdmissionsQuest
AdmissionsQuest serves as an online resource for students researching and applying to boarding schools. AQ provides school search tools, articles about boarding schools and the admission process and information on private school loans. AQ also offers educational consulting services through AQ Educational Consulting.

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