The Military School Experience

Military schools offer an attractive mainstream educational experience with emphasis on character development, leadership training, and academic excellence.

This takes place in a structured and disciplined context that is both physically and morally healthy. Cadets are challenged to develop self-discipline and to reach their full potential in every way--intellectually, physically and spiritually. Cooperation, teamwork, and shared purpose are integral parts of the experience.

The Association of Military Colleges and Schools the United States, founded in 1914, represents a wide variety of military colleges, junior colleges, high schools and primary schools throughout the nation, more than forty schools all.

While they share the attributes of a military and the benefits that offers, these differ in other respects, including size, location, range of grades enrolled, cost, and in some cases religious orientation. Many have widely known specialty programs in such things as band music, horseback riding, and sports. All feature close supervision and mentoring by mature staff and faculty members.

The predominant military program is Army-oriented, but some schools offer Navy, Marine or Air Force versions. Some also have summer programs, and a few provide a post-graduate year for high school graduates wishing to better prepare to enter college. Nearly all are boarding schools, with some also accepting day students from their local communities.

A complete listing of member schools, to include contact information and in many cases links to their own home pages, may be found on the Association's web site ( The telephone listings provided will in most cases ring in the admissions office, where an admissions counselor can assist parents and prospective students in obtaining specifics of curriculum, admission standards, costs and application procedures for schools of interest.


  • Military schools are now quite popular among parents of troubled teens. The reason is that parents wants their teens out of trouble, and for changing their behavior & discipline issues. While many military school accepts teens with strict criteria and hence it turns out to be a good time for teens in modifying their characters and behaviors. Military Schools, August 2, 2009 1:48 PM

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