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Why Boarding School?

Tim Weymouth, a boarding school lifer, talks about the benefits of the boarding schools.

"Why the heck are you going to a boarding school?" This question, asked by my peers and mentors, haunted me throughout my ninth grade year of school. I knew I needed a change in my life, one that would take my entire world of learning to a new level. In the spring of 1988 Deerfield Academy and I chose each other. The beauty of its rural campus, strength of its teachers, breadth of its classes and extracurricular activities, and charm of my peers made Deerfield my school. I was blessed to come from a family that understood boarding schools and knew Deerfield was a "leader of the pack."

The rigor of my Deerfield experience pushed the limits of my emotional, intellectual and athletic potential. No other endeavor in my life has made such a positive impact on who I am today. My writing blossomed. My artistic bent was satisfied. I faced my fears in public speaking. I became almost fluent in Spanish. So many interesting doors burst open for me. Fundamentally, I learned my limits and how to push my comfort level. I also met truly significant people- life friends, whom I can call on any time. I had made the right choice.

The challenges I met and the successes I achieved at Deerfield served as a springboard for college and beyond. With three years at a quality boarding school under my belt, my undergraduate education went far more smoothly than it did for many of my college friends. I was well prepared to stay organized and produce quality work. I prepared to attend medical school, but something else beckoned me. In my senior year it came into focus. When it came time to choose a career, there seemed to be only one option, one that had become part of my spirit: a career in education.

Currently, I teach Science at the Fessenden School near Boston, Massachusetts. I am a residential faculty member who coaches three sports, leads trips, participates in the school drama productions, teaches five classes, and is the Ninth Grade class advisor. We all know that we are part of something unique at Fessenden School. My hard work pays off on a daily basis. Now, I often reflect on my life as a student and say, "Boarding school? Why the heck wouldn't I be at one?"

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