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Applying to a Boarding School

10 tips to consider as you apply to boarding schools.

Preparing to dig into your boarding school applications? Here are 10 tips to consider as you work your way through the application process.

  1. Financial Aid, start early. If you plan to apply for financial aid, gather your tax returns and financial data and complete and submit the financial aid forms as early as possible (fall).

    Check with each school as to their requirements. Many schools subscribe to a standard form but not all.

  2. Standardized Testing, schedule any required test(s) depending on your school(s). Tests may include the SSAT, WISC, SAT, or ACT.

  3. Teacher Recommendations, make arrangements to have current teachers and/or administrators write recommendations.

  4. Prepare your transcript release forms from your current school.

  5. Complete and submit applications. Remember that this will almost certainly include writing at least one essay.

  6. Schedule school tours and interviews. Keep in mind that, unlike colleges and universities, most schools require interviews as part of the admission process.

  7. Check-in with each admission office to insure that your file is complete and that the school has any and all information that it wants.

  8. Answer any questions or requests for more information promptly.

  9. Outline how you will respond any acceptance or rejection scenarios. What is your order of school choices? Do you want to be placed on any waitlists if available?

  10. Be prepared to make any necessary quick visits or attend accepted student functions before making a final decision.

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