How to: Private School Admission

In this video 'private school admission how to' series we've pooled the experience and wisdom of experts from throughout the private school world to share their thoughts on each step of the admission process.

Each expert addresses a discreet step in the admission process offering insight and observation gleaned from years of experience working in schools.

As our experts guide you through each step we hope they will help allay your concerns and improve your planning and effectiveness. Best wishes in the admission process.

How to Find a Private School

Kick off your school search on the right foot with this 'how to' video on finding the right private school.

How to Apply for Private School Financial Aid

Learn about the financial aid processes and steps a family must take as they apply for aid at a private school or boarding school.

How to Prepare for Your Private School Interview

Wondering what questions to ask in your private school interview? What to wear? How to prepare? An admission director tackles all of these questions & more in this how to video.

How to Tour a Private School

Learn how to approach your private school tour and ask the right questions to identify if the school's a fit.

How to Write a Private School Admission Essay

Explore the best approaches to writing a successful private school admission essay.

How to Find an Equestrian Boarding School

Is horseback riding at the top of your list of 'must haves' for your new private school? Watch this video to learn about the importance of student fit in regards to finding a riding program at a boarding school.