How to Tour a Private School

Craig Trednick, The Linsly School director of admission and financial aid, shares his thoughts about how a family should approach their private school tour and what they seek to learn from it.

Interestingly, Trednick makes the case that the tour has become more complex with the advent of the Internet. Families now arrive for their campus tours with a very good idea of the physical facilities and layout which frees them to observe and ask about relationships and the human parts of the school.

The campus tour is now less about seeing the physical plant and more about learning the school's culture- establishing a 'fit' between school and student.

Trednick advises using the tour to ask about, observe, and examine specifics.

  1. Is everyone engaged?
  2. Observe how the faculty and students interact and go about their work.
  3. Ask questions about culture.
  4. Ask to see what interests and matters to you.
  5. Ask to speak with faculty and students beyond your tour guide.
  6. Be suspect of the spotless.

These kinds of questions and observations, Trednick argues, get to the genuineness of the school.

"Your kid is not going to hug the building when they leave. They're going to hug their friends. They're going to hug their teachers," Trednick tells parents.

Breathe and don't rush to judgement on the way home.

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