From SSATB into CIE: SSATB Evolves Into the Consortium for Independent Education

SSATB President, Regan Kenyon joins us for a conversation about changes afoot at SSATB.

With a name change from Secondary School Admission Test Board to the Consortium for Independent Education, or CIE, comes a rethinking and restructuring of the organization.

The CIE will grow beyond its commonly known admission test, the SSAT, into a full-service professional body supporting all phases of the independent school admission process- from families, their school selection and application to schools, and the professional development resources necessary for a modern admission office.

Mr. Kenyon touches on:

- SSATB's History

- SSATB's Vision and Reasons for Changing

- What the Changes Mean for Families and Schools

- CIE's Goals in Supporting Families and Admission Offices Through the New CIE Structure

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