The International Baccalaureate (IB) Arrives at New Hampton School

Daniel Love, Global Curriculum Coordinator, New Hampton School (New Hampton, NH), Global Curriculum Coordinator, sat down to tell us about the International Baccalaureate's arrival at New Hampton School.

Every New Hampton student will feel and benefit from the IB curriculum. A portion of NH students will work through IB curriculum and achievement options. But most importantly, New Hampton is adopting and using much of the IB philosophy and thinking to guide and shape the curriculum for all students.

New Hampton begins offering the IB in fall 2010.

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  • hi we are a UN family and we lived on vienna where my son thunayan eas raised and attended the AIS and karlsplatz evangelishe schule followed by the seacrest naples fla and then the UN school UNIs nyc where he just graduated MS we would be interested to know if you have IB can je take french and german same time how much is the total residential tuition are the sports TEAMS competitive with a league and games do you discount for UN families can you accept the UN education grant paid in one lump sum firectly to you by jan are you intested in a gifted three season high level athlete AAU bronx basketball florida swimmer austrian soccer player and skiier fast runner lyons austria baseball pitcher SS 1st sails tennis etc how intl is the student body? we know many kids who went there do you have a spit to take him what is the difference between your school and gillian wolfgang beside location? thanks dr almulla, July 3, 2011 9:53 AM

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