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Students & Faculty Talk About the Benefits of Worcester Academy

On a recent tour of Worcester Academy, students and faculty spoke about the benefits of the school and why a family should consider applying.

I recently visited Worcester Academy to catch up with their admission team and tour the school. The school's Director of Admission, Susanne Carpenter, took me on a campus tour and afforded me the opportunity to chat, on-film, with students and faculty about the benefits of Worcester Academy and why a family should consider applying.

Teachers and students expressed their appreciation for a tight-knit community and the school's rigorous curriculum. As one student put it, "teachers give a lot of individual attention at school and it opens a lot of doors for opportunities in the future."

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Listen to the podcast (04:00):

Valuing Social Media in the Classroom: The Work of Peter Hodgin, Kents Hill School Download the video/quicktime (.mov) file (6.3 MB)

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