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Prep School Hockey: There's a place for you to play

Each year, thousands of hockey players are positively impacted and influenced by their prep school experiences — both on and off the ice. Choosing the right school is a process that requires both research and firsthand inspection.

5 Campus Video Tours of Boarding Schools in the South

A video introduction to the variety of boarding school options available in the South.

Who Sends Their Kids to Junior Boarding Schools?

Only a handful of junior boarding schools exist in our country, and their unique and dedicated focus is to nurture and support elementary and middle school students.

Eight Questions Every Parent Should Ask an Admission Director

Eight essential questions that every family should ask when visiting a boarding school.

Mid-Atlantic Boarding Schools: Appeals, Advantages, and Perspectives

Mid-Atlantic boarding schools combine pieces of local culture, geography, and climate to build identities, practices, and perspectives, creating special programs and opportunities.

Boarding Schools on Twitter

A list of US & Canadian boarding schools on Twitter!

Western Individualism Alive & Well in California Boarding Schools

In California boarding schools, families and students find serious schools that tend more toward individualism- embracing and embodying cultural diversity and encouraging of individual exploration.

Going to Boarding School?

Preparing to go to prep school in the fall? Consider these recommendations before you head out to school in September.

Boarding Schools in the South: A Broad Array of Opportunities & Perspectives

Boarding schools in the South offer many special opportunities and advantages to families considering boarding school.

Asheville School Creates Unique Approach to Teaching Humanities

Asheville School's humanities program combines history, literature, music, art history, religion and architecture into one classroom.