Why Idyllwild Arts Academy

Idyllwild Art Academy Alum, Stephanie Williams

Why did you choose to attend Idyllwild Arts? What did you go through to select the school? What were the benefits of attending?

A few years ago, my theatre director at Interlochen Center for the Arts Summer Camp recommended Idyllwild Arts Academy to me. I was petrified at the prospect of leaving home, but I was so dedicated and passionate about theatre that I decided to proceed with researching several arts high schools in the United States. I researched Interlochen Center for the Arts, Walnut Hill, North Carolina School of the Arts, and high school programs in New York City, Los Angeles and my hometown. After countless hours of in-depth research, I decided to apply to Idyllwild and Interlochen, and, over the course of the next few months, I fell in love with Idyllwild Arts and the theatre program.

Despite my fear of leaving home, I followed my passion and dreams, and, after arriving at Idyllwild, never thought of going back home. I realized that the intensity of training at an arts boarding high school is the only way to truly satisfy an intense passion for the arts and the only way to experience the level of training offered. Idyllwild has an excellent and well-rounded program that involves an engaging college preparatory education with a world-class, pre-professional training in the arts. “Cut throat” competition is not present, and the family-like community of dedicated and talented students and faculty is supportive, energetic, friendly, and centered around a mutual passion for the arts. The training and community result in amazing artistic performances and presentations, and college acceptances to the most competitive programs in the nation.

For me, Idyllwild Arts Academy is the best place in the world. I got to do what I love all the time, days were filled with inspiration and creativity, I grew into an exceptional young artist, the students and faculty are still my best friends and family, and, most importantly, I loved it more than words can say. I am now pursuing a BFA degree in Acting at the University of Michigan, one of the top theatre schools in the United States, and, with everything Idyllwild gave me, it really goes to show that “a lifetime of arts begins at Idyllwild Arts.”

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  • I'm currently in film program in idyllwild, and its great here! W.B.Lee, November 10, 2008 2:31 PM
  • WB, thanks for stopping by and sharing. Peter Baron, November 10, 2008 3:14 PM

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