inRESONANCE Online Admission Application

The inRESONANCE online admission brings value to your web site and office by streamlining admission procedures, reducing costs, and providing a greater level of service to your student applicants & their families. Bring your application process to life through your web site.

The online admission application advantages include:

Replicate your school's application online
We replicate your application online in order to maintain the application's distinct look & feel. All applications are stored & hosted on a secure server.

Families can easily access your application
Families can access & complete applications at their leisure directly from your site. PORTAL Web Services clients—Online Inquiries, Applications and Notifications—can seamlessly import their online data directly into the database.

Receive submitted applications instantly
You will receive an email notification for each submitted application. View & download completed applications through secure administrative access.

Application fee processing
No need to set up an Internet merchant account, we process the credit card transactions for each application fee on our secure servers. Each month, you will receive your deposits, with an itemized report of applications that came through our server.

Exports applications as a comma-delimited file
The online admission application powered by inRESONANCE provides you with a comma-delimited file for each application or a range of applications.

For more information & support help e-mail inRESONANCE at [email protected].


  • am a teacher at elite friends academy ( refugees school) how can you help us? mnyomoelwa ramazani, July 19, 2010 12:22 PM

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