edSocialMedia Training

edSocialMedia Training: Learn how your school can successfully engage in social media.

A ½ day, social media primer, during which participants will learn the basics of producing web content and how to begin engaging the social media sphere.

We will produce portable content that grows organically from school programs and voices. Workshop participants will learn how to convert community-generated content into a wide range of digital formats—from a blog to a podcast.

We won’t stop there. You’ll learn first-hand about the power of syndicating content (or making it portable) to the most powerful, well represent social media communities on the web.

Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a technology whiz to successfully engage in the social media conversation. You simply need to be willing to try.

Hear how the workshop benefited schools and their approach to social media and checkout the schedule for the day on campus.

Asheville School Director of Admission, Andrew Hirt, explains why the social media workshop benefited the school.

Kristen White, Director of Communications, Westover School talks about how the social media training expanded her thinking regarding the ways "we can all be involved in this (social media) conversation together."

Social Media 101 Schedule

1. The Power of Blogging
Why blog? Who should blog on campus? Students? Faculty? Administrators? What makes good quick informative blog posts?

This session will address these questions and explore the power & benefits of inspiring and nurturing an authentic conversation about your school.

How do I create blog entries and, more importantly, how do I get people to notice?

Participant will learn about the common blogging platforms and run-through a how-to by adding your pre-workshop assignment into a blog post featured on AdmissionsQuest’s boarding school blog, onBoarding Schools.

Participants will learn how to bridge the gap between blog posts via micro-blogging by using Twitter.

2. Get Your Story on to an iPod! Why & How to Podcast
What role does podcasting play? What are the qualities of good ones vs. bad ones?

This session will tackle the ins and outs of podcasting by looking at the range of formats from recording school meetings to individual students and teachers interviews.

We will conclude by recording a podcast episode for AdmissionsQuest’s Boarding School Podcast series. The podcast conversation will explore the “five new happenings or initiatives on campus” findings.

3. Authentic, Community Produced Video: The Power of Youtube
This session explores creative video opportunities and the vast reach of video communities like Youtube & Vimeo.

Who should record video? Do I need to rely on a professional production company or can I recruit campus members to shoot video? What kind of video opportunities are available on-campus?

We will tackle these questions and review how your school can carve out your own space on the various video-sharing site.

4. Distribution- Tying Social Media Distribution Together
Ok, so now I know how to create digital content and I understand how to distribute it to places like iTunes & Youtube, but how do I tie it all together?

This session explores how to mashup the content into your school’s site, facebook and prep school community sites like AdmissionsQuest. We will continue to examine why it’s important to make your content portable so that you can bring as many constituents as possible into the conversation and keep everyone sharing and talking.

Contact AdmissionsQuest for more information or to reserve a workshop date.

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