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Hi, I'm Peter Baron from AdmissionsQuest and welcome to my new blog.

You may recognize me from AQ's onBoarding School blog where I contribute. Like onBoarding Schools, this space will focus on the prep school community, but from a marketing perspective.

Specifically, I'll explore how social media affects the ways that schools market to their constituents-- whether it's admission, current parents & students, or development.

I'll use a variety of media- the written word, podcasting or video (check me out above). It's my belief that a mash up of media reaches the broadest audience. Why? Readers, listeners, and viewers expect good, diverse content that speaks to them.

Lets briefly look at communication from a teaching perspective-- Do we expect every student to absorb & build critical skills via the traditional lecture model? No, we diversify the ways we teach in order to reach all students of varying learning styles. The same holds true in the era of social media and I'm excited to explore and experiment different approaches right here.

While thinking about how to kick off the blog, the Christian Science Monitor announced that they're abandoning their weekday print edition in favor of pushing all of their daily content to the web.

You have to ask yourself, "why make this move?"

The audience has moved to the web. It's the same reason AdmissionsQuest constantly publishes to our site-- families conduct the vast majority of the search online and they expect to find quality content that answers their questions. I want to make sure that AQ's school profiles, articles and blog posts helps them in their search and, in turn, builds a community of people interested in independent school education.

As I move deeper into this blog, I'll look at how schools can greatly strengthen their efforts via the web.

Does it mean that I advocate abandoning print in general? Not at all. It means that schools might consider a different, more flexible, presentation of their information in print- dare I say in, "a data driven, on demand manner."

Lets look at admission travel for a second. Should schools drop their hectic school fair travel schedules in favor of a 100% web driven marketing plan? No, but as I talk more about social media and communities of students and parents, it may become clear that the traditional way of doing business isn't as effective as in years past.

I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do feel that opportunities that social media provide to connect with vast communities of like-minded people is powerful and I'm excited to encourage the conversation.

The floor is open and I invite you to join the conversation. Contribute an article; write a blog post; and comment on everything-- I want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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About Peter

As social media has grown, so have the opportunities to connect with all members of the private school community. With this blog my goal is to encourage schools to consider the different ways that social media can help them connect with their broad constituencies. The floor is open. I invite you to join the conversation.

I founded AdmissionsQuest to help families find the right prep schools.  As with AQ, our work with social media grows out of always looking for new and more effective ways to spread the message.

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