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Jim Wickenden, principal of his eponymous firm, Wickenden Associates called out school heads in the name of shared sacrifice in his blog post titled "Setting an Example." Citing school cost cutting efforts, Jim notes the symbolic importance of school heads sharing in communal sacrifice and the message that a school heads public sacrifice would send.

"...And speaking of symbolism, I think this is a great time for independent school leaders to consider making a personal sacrifice as well. If, for example, the Head of School were to publicly reduce his or her own salary by an amount sufficient to fund one child's attendance or to save a position or program that would otherwise be on the chopping block, that would send a powerful message indeed. Furthermore, it would give the school's leadership more credibility when communicating with the school family about the "hard decisions" that have to be made."

Jim's argument echoes calls regarding shared sacrifice that we've written and highlighted:

Piney Woods School Faculty Practice Common Sacrifice

Some Thoughts As Boarding School Layoffs Mount

Photo credit: Wickenden Associates
First off, my apologies for the week between posts. Last week I took a bit of R&R and Brian is off right now. I'll see about lining up some guest bloggers to keep onBoarding Schools churning at its normal pace the next time we pause to catch our breath.

While I was away we did finish & post a list of private school job resources. It was in response to the steady flow of e-mails from prospective teachers inquiring about how & where to begin the job hunt.

While researching the article I came across a podcast by David Lourie, Head of School at St. Anne's-Belfield School in Charlottesville, VA. David recently devoted an entire show to faculty recruitment and talks about how important the process is to the school.

It's a must hear for anyone considering a career in prep school teaching. You can listen to it on their site or download it from iTunes, Odeo or Juice.

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