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Congratulations to Annie Wright School. The school is celebrating its 125th year (2009)-- during this time the school has grown from 46 students to 453 girls from 21 countries. (The News Tribune)

The schools founding "fulfilled the dreams of the Right Rev. John Adams Paddock and railroad executive-developer Charles Wright to establish a school for girls and young women. Wright wanted the development of joyous young women with broad minds, refined tastes and quiet strength..." (The News Tribune)

Concurrent to its 125th year, Annie Wright recently received notice that it has been become an accredited International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. The IB makes a broad outward looking international education available to the school's students.

125 years & IB accreditation- two great achievements.

To hear a firsthand take on the International Baccalaureate, listen to our podcast conversation with Verde Valley School's Head, Paul Domingue- Verde Valley School and the IB: Cultivating International Mindedness. During our conversation he spoke about the school's adoption of the IB curriculum and diploma.
While researching the previous post (St. Timothy's School: North America's only all-girls boarding school offering the IB), I found an interesting release regarding IB programs worldwide. Like any evolving framework or system (the IB is only about 40 years old), the IB has been defined by two competing groups. Think Betamax versus VHS; Blu-ray versus HD DVD. Organizations that have the same goals but different perspectives and systems for reaching the goals.

In the case of the IB, the IB North America Board (IBNA) and the International Baccalaureate found themselves competing for influence of North American IB programs. For the good of all and in support of a consistent definitions and standards, the IB North America Board (IBNA) and the International Baccalaureate have agreed to merge providing the IB with a single unified governing body.

This can only be good news if you study or work under the IB framework.

Visit to read more about the IB.
St. Timothy's School in Stevenson, MD graduated its first class of International Baccalaureate students this past spring. The IB program is an international program of rigorous coursework and achievement. Students completing the IB program demonstrate the skills and intellectual tools necessary for acceptance into worldwide higher education. Beyond direct educational achievement, IB students also gain exposure to broad intellectual perspectives and ideas.

Accreditation to the IB program demonstrates commitment to a strong, wide ranging curriculum. St. Timothy's is the only all-girls boarding school in the United States offering the IB.

St. Timothy's website has more information about their IB program.

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