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Peter drew attention to this on AQ's twitter account the other day and I thought I'd follow up with a mention here.

The National Park Service, United States Department of the Interior approved listing the Olney Friends School campus on the National Register. The buildings date from the late 19th century and feature local materials.

Head of School Rich Sidwell told the Intelligencer/Wheeling News Register:

"Students and teachers at Olney are proud of the honor bestowed on the school by the National Park Service...We will do all we can to preserve the historic character of the campus, while maintaining an atmosphere where students develop and learn."
Students of Scattergood Friends School in West Branch, Iowa may be some the luckiest I know. They get to work with their hands, practice self-sufficiency and contribute to the local economy. With pasture, restored prairie, fields of corn and soy and a dedicated organic garden, Scattergood produces about one-half of its annual food needs selling summer surplus through a local cooperative.

Living a commitment to social justice, the Scattergood farm practices sustainable, responsible agriculture with minimal processing and a commitment to working the farm as large biotic system. All Scattergood Friends students participate in the maintenance and working of the farm.

The Gazette Online published a short article about the Scattergood Friends farm. It's worth a read.

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