Keep Cooling and Hydration in Mind During Early Fall and Pre-season Practices

I know that, as coaches and returning teachers, the adrenalin of the new school year and the new athletic season can let us get carried away with pre-season practice and conditioning in the heat.

How many times have said to myself, “Let’s do one more.”

In the heat outside my office today, though, I’m reminded that, as adults and coaches, we must stop, and think, before acting on our ‘just one more rep’ impulses.

Pre-season Sports

Heat is dangerous; we must respect its power and we’ve got to respect our young athletes’ abilities to cool. This is especially important for football players in full pads whose uniforms inhibit their ability to dissipate heat.

We can’t allow heat to injure or kill.

Resource:  “Heat Guidelines Help Keep Young Athletes Cool

Photo credit: colemama via Creative Commons

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