Homestay or Boarding?

Homestay or boarding?

The other day I was watching a documentary on the making of the Maserati luxury car in Italy.  I was fascinated with the love, care, devotion and commitment to excellence.  The hands-on approach to every aspect of its implementation is meticulous, from its design to its assembly, and exemplifies commitment to excellence.  This is the same kind of devotion and commitment that boarding schools have toward their students.  You get what you pay for.

In many ways, though the homestay experience (staying with a local family and attending a public high school) offers a good experience for students; comparing it to the boarding school experience would be as foolhardy as comparing the driving experience between a Volkswagen van and a Maserati.  Each have their purpose and serve it well, but let us be honest, they are two completely different conversations.

Consider a homestay experience at a typical public school.  The bell rings at 3 pm and school is over.  The place empties.  Extracurricular options are limited and becoming even scarcer.  Overcrowded classrooms are the norm and the general purpose of the experience is to work on some English and taste a bit of the local culture.

Now consider a school like my school (  60% of the teachers live on the campus (such is their commitment to the philosophy of educating young people).  23 professional music, dance and art teachers come to campus to teach their craft.  Most coaches of our teams are former national, Olympic, university or professional athletes.  Extracurricular activities are offered 6 afternoons a week from 2 pm until 6 pm (and longer if needed).  The facilities are modern, high-tech and of university-standard.  Students are cared for in a safe environment by people committed to them; as well, access to nurses, doctors, and counselors are available around the clock.  The boarding school experience is rich, rewarding and powerful.  Lives are changed, life-long friends are established and students will accomplish all of this at the same time as receiving a world-class education in the classroom.

Maserati or Volkswagen van?  Two completely different experiences.  However, surprisingly a boarding school may be more affordable then you may think. Contact Admissionsquest or other sites that offer boarding school information to learn more.  Canadian or American boarding schools, I guarantee the experience will be priceless.

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    Well put Clayton. There is no better, richer or rewarding school of excellence than BCS.

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