Big Snowstorm Affects New England Boarding Schools More Than Usual

The effects of last week’s New England snowstorm were well documented throughout regional and national media.

And, if, like us, you have some relatives in the region who live at the end of a long dirt road, you heard stories about tree limbs taking down power, and phone lines, and the generator coming on.

Most of the time, even these big storms have little affect on the self-contained campuses of New England boarding schools. Essential employees, such as kitchen and maintenance staffs, often live on-campus or nearby in order to keep the schools functioning.

There could be a 2 ft. of snow on the ground but the kitchen wouldn’t miss a meal.

This storm was different in that it had snow volumes coupled with lots of down power lines. Staffing might have been in place but, without power, storm response required some creativity.

Kathryn Boughton of the Litchfiled County Times put together a good piece surveying how the boarding schools in her region responded to the storm. She checked in with Salisbury School, Hotchkiss School, Kent School, South Kent School, The Marvelwood School, The Gunnery, and Taft School.

It sounds like Taft had to assemble the most creative response to the storm. It was Taft’s Parents Weekend and the snowstorm produced some unexpected overnight guests.

“The school did play host to many of those 500 parents more than anticipated, many of whom could not return home or who were staying in hotels that had gone cold. ‘We had parents camping all over the place,’” Julie Reiff explained.(LCT)

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