The Boarding School Difference

Guess what?

Our students are excited to come to school each day.  They are actively engaged in meaningful activities from sunrise until bedtime.  They are learning to be independent and gaining confidence each and every day.  They are being taught and coached by adults who have passion and commitment.  Others with the same kind of dreams and aspirations surround them 24/7 – it is contagious.

They are happy.

I encourage any student or parent to witness in person what the boarding school difference could mean for them.  I know that you will be amazed.

Photo credit: proctoracademy via Creative Commons

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Clayton Johnston

Clayton Johnston is the Director of Admissions at Brentwood College School in Vancouver Island, BC. He blogs regularly at Brentwood Admissions Blog about his school and about life in the admissions office at Brentwood College School. Visit BCS to learn more:


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