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My child needs a change!

Do you have a teenager who seems unmotivated and under-stimulated in his or her school?  Is it perhaps more than just ‘a phase’?  Are you worried that their current school is unable to provide the necessary academic challenge, extra-curricular opportunities, structure and accountability that you feel is your child requires?  Are you worried about the future and the post-secondary opportunities for your child?

Perhaps it is time to seriously look at a boarding school.  Times have changed. Boarding schools are not what you may think they are.  Boarding schools like mine ( are bulging with fantastic students all seeking more out of their education.  They are filled with students who have sought and found a meaningful education in a supportive, positive environment.  These are kids that are going places!

There is no harm in looking and I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find.  A good place to start is:
Good luck!

  • Dennis

    HI there,
    Well maybe students need to try a new outlet of school. one with travel and adventure. teens need excitement! and change and security with a nurturing boarding school,who will foster there energy. try ECO ADVENTURE CHRISTIAN ACADEMY.
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  • Seanwall21

    Boarding Schools are becoming popular as they should be.

    Standard high schools don’t fit everyone’s learning style, so why not try something new like an outdoor education alternative boarding school like

    Great article btw!

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