A Governors Academy Grad to Play in Super Bowl XLV

Super Bowl XLVWriter Dan Guttenplan of the Newburyport Daily News scored a wide ranging conversation with Green Bay’s Robert Francois touching on a topics from his role on the team, to Super Bowl preparation, to his time at The Governors Academy.

Here’s a brief excerpt of their conversation:

[Guttenplan] Can you believe you’re going to the Super Bowl after all of the ups and downs of your short NFL career?

[Francois] “It’s good, really good. Right now, I’m relaxing before we start practicing in the next few days. We take off on Monday to go down to Dallas.”

[Guttenplan] Do you know what your role will be in the Super Bowl?

[Francois] “Not yet — probably special teams, but hopefully some plays on defense.”

[Guttenplan] Did The Governor’s Academy help prepare you for the NFL?

[Francois] “Obviously, I had to improve a lot after high school. I did enough in high school to get into college. You have to improve every year as a football player, so that was one of the pieces of the puzzle.”

Green Bay Packer, Texas native, and Governor’s alumnus Robert Francois is the first boarding school alumnus that we’ve found on a Super Bowl roster this year.

Francois attended Boston College and signed as an undrafted free agent with the Minnesota Vikings. Waived by the Vikings and the Detroit Lions, he landed with the Packers as member of the practice squad this past October.

Send along or add to the conversation any other boarding school alumni on the Packers or Steelers rosters. We’ll try to do a short piece on each.

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