An Iron Chef Jinx?

Damn, I feel like we created an AdmissionsQuest jinx akin to the Sports Illustrated cover jinx.

A week after noting that boarding school alumni Ming Tsai (Andover) and Celina Tio (Westtown School) were still alive in the final four of this season’s The Next Iron Chef competition, both were eliminated simultaneously in a special ‘double elimination’ ‘luxury meal’ episode.

Judge Michael Symon explained the decision:

“They really all prepared amazing food. It wasn’t so much who lost; it was who won. I think you should all be so proud about the way that you cooked….There weren’t really any bad dishes among the four chefs. Some just elevated a little bit more than others.”

On the plus side, Tio and Tsai both made it into final four and their food and work was praised to the end.

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  1. DJr says:

    Playing field was never fair. If it was, Tsai and Tio would have been the final two. These two were set to a different judging standards. The show was rigged, they predetermined who they wanted to be in position. Last year it was a Latin Chef, this year an Italian chef. Oh how convenience to have both NY Italian chefs in the finals. One an obnoxious whiner, the other has a famous daddy watching his back -who-should-have-left-weeks-ago-for-mistakes-after-mistakes. Forgione is going home the winner . Sadly this is what the American dream has disintegrated to, where power and money reign supreme.

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