An Educational Consultant’s Notes on Landmark School

Landmark SchoolA co-educational boarding and day school with grades 9 -12, Landmark School is located on Boston’s beautiful North Shore.

The school overlooks the ocean with historic sites and recreational sites nearby.

54% of Landmark’s 303 students are boarding students.

Landmark’s very successful model designs an individualized program for each high school student. Students meet and work closely with one tutor the entire year.

Each student is challenged personally with the goal of becoming an independent learner. Many students say Landmark changed their lives. Their self confidence grew and so did their self esteem, experiencing academic success for the first time and feeling good about it!

Students who attend Landmark School are bright and have language-based learning disabilities such as: dyslexia, executive functioning disorder, written and/or expressive language disorder. Landmark is not an environment for a non-verbal LD student.

I met many intelligent and creative students who had struggled in the traditional classroom setting. Coming to Landmark gave them the confidence to try new sports, tryout for the play, sing in the chorus, join a club, and earn good grades.

Landmark students earn privileges and increasing independence through the school’s “Level System” which encourages students to rise progressively from one to six (the highest level). It rewards students as they grow and improve skills including time management, organization and social/communication. All students begin at level one and go forward or drop back throughout the year.

With a new, state-of-the-art, gymnasium Landmark offers a wide range of activities both in the classroom and on the playing field. Weekends are very busy. Landmark offers and outstanding program with very dedicated faculty and awesome students. I loved it for the right student!

Marylou Marcus

Marylou Marcus draws on 25+ years as an independent school educator & Director of Admission & Financial Aid when working with a family to find the best private school fit for their child. Contact Marylou for help in your search for the right prep school or visit to learn more about her work with families.

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