St. Marks School 2009 Grad Makes His Move As A Pol

For a great 4th of July story, how about Nate Webster (St. Mark’s School ’09) making his move as pol?

Webster announced his candidacy for the 2011 Montgomery County, PA commissioners race on June 12.

His father described Nate’s early political interest to David Hare of the Reporter this way:

“…Gerald Webster, Nate’s father, recalled one day picking his son up at kindergarten when the family lived in Michigan.

‘They had all the presidents on the ceiling in the classroom. Nate had memorized them all,’ he said.” (Teen Campaign Manager Has Local Roots, The Reporter)

Webster is no political novice. He began immersing himself in the political process while at St. Marks and he’s run three local Pennsylvania campaigns over the past three years.

“…During the summer between his Vth and VIth form year, at the age of 16, he was Acting Campaign Manager for Jack Hansen, a democratic candidate for state representative in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania….

After graduating from St. Mark’s Webster spent a semester at college. He then decided that what he really wanted to do was pursue his political dream – a dream that included being the youngest person to run for, and be elected to, office in Pennsylvania, and possibly in the United States. To support himself while he was gearing up to run his own campaign Webster started a consulting company, and earlier this year he ran the campaign for Wynne LeGrow, a Democrat running in Virginia’s Fourth Congressional District. At the time, Webster was the youngest Congressional campaign manager in the country.” (Nate Webster ’09 Announces Intention to Run for Office, SMS)

Webster’s political work and dreams have sidelined his collegiate career for the time being. He’s on leave from the University of Denver. He started school but couldn’t resist the calling of politics.

He seems both serious and sincere. He plans to raise $500,000 for the May primary and he appears to have a governing vision.

“People are sick and tired of all the bickering…governing is about what we can do for the people, not what government can do for politicians.” (SMS)

Photo credit: St. Mark’s School

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