A Traditional Boarding School + Top-Notch Figure Skating = Skater Support

Working with Ron Ludington, Director of the Ice Skating Science Development Center at the University of Delaware, West Nottingham Academy has developed the Skater Support Program- an academic program for secondary school world class athletes training at UD.

The program is an organic fit between WNA’s small school academic program and the resources of the UD Training Center.

Only 18 miles separate the two facilities and WNA offers the flexibility necessary in the life and schooling of aspiring olympians. WNA can adjust an athletes coursework and schedule while still providing the support and community for academic and personal success.

As WNA states it: “The complete high school experience! – classes, prom, student life – All while continuing your training!”

A litte background on the Blue Hens Ice Skating Science Development Center:

“UD’s Ice Skating Science Development Center (ISSDC) is one of the world’s leading training sites and is home to Kimmie Meissner, the 2006 International Stating Union World Figure Skating Champion and 2007 U.S. National Champion. A member of the 2006 U.S. Olympic Team that competed in Turin, Italy, Meissner proudly wears UD’s colors with blue and gold blade guards and has enrolled as a student at the University. The center also features a number of international stars in training, most recently Albena Denkova and Maxim Staviski of Bulgaria, the 2007 World Ice Dance Champions…”

Admittedly, it’s a niche program. But, an interesting program for serious figure skaters.

Photo credit: zizzybaloobah – licensed under Creative Commons

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