Some Thoughts as the School Year Closes: For Graduating Seniors and Underclassmen

The school year closes quickly and with it come rushes of nostalgia, sadness, apprehension, and excitement about change.

Underclassmen begin stepping-up and shouldering more responsibility and leadership. Seniors begin looking at the futures in a different setting. Oh, yes, exams and final projects are in the mix too.

With graduation and awards providing the conclusion of their high school careers, we congratulate graduating seniors. Do well in your future endeavors. Make your families and your teachers proud.

All of this change and ending can be stressful seniors as well as lower form students. What you’ve been doing is coming to end and there’s nowhere to look but forward and you don’t know what the future holds- a little unnerving.

I’ve always made some simple suggestions to students that help the year close on a positive note.

If you’re a senior, be patient, kind, and appreciative of your family. Your graduation is shared experience. Your the focal point, but it’s not all about you. Yes, it’s hard; you want to spend time with your school friends before heading to new and different places. Graduation is also about the family that’s given you your opportunities and gotten you this far. Appreciate your family, their sacrifice, and their support. Involve them and show them off at graduation. Make sure they meet your friends and the faculty members who mean a lot to you.

Yes, relationships end. People, your friends, head off in different directions. Moving-on is hard on everyone. Make an effort to close these chapters in your life positively. Tell you people you love and appreciate them.

Commit to using and living the lessons that you’ve learned from everyone at school as you move into your future. No higher compliment exists than practicing and living the lessons you’ve been taught. Your teachers have helped you build a durable and practical foundation. Use it.

Work to stay in-touch and make important relationships durable- easier than ever with internet. You will have a core group of friends with whom you stay connected for life.

Say, “Thank you.”

Say, “I love you.”

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