New Hampton School Offers Day Student Merit Scholarship

With the school’s offering of the International Baccalaureate (IB), New Hampton will award four $5,000 merit scholarships to local day students whose prospects and achievements qualify them as “candidates to take IB classes or enroll in the school’s two-year, IB Diploma Program in their junior and senior years.” (New Hampton School Announces Ninth Grade Day Student Merit Scholarship)

Through the IB curriculum, this presents a great perspective broadening opportunity for local day students.

New Hampton School admission director, Suzanne Buck explains:

“We’re trying to identify talented students that are globally minded and whose personal and academic traits are akin to that of the IB learner profile — open-minded, principled, knowledgeable, balanced, and reflective…There are so many talented and gifted students in the Lakes Region community and we want to bring their perspective and experiences to our diverse community.”

The scholarship is merit based and does not preclude need based financial aid.

A note about day students in boarding schools
Day students are an often quiet part of boarding school life- unnoticed by most boarding parents, but well known to faculty and students within the schools.

Collectively, day students are an interesting population in boarding schools. Often very strong students from the surrounding the community, their chosen boarding school probably offers the only private school choice in the community.

Choosing to be a day student in a boarding school comes with a host of sacrifices and commitments- tuition from the family, a time commitment equivalent to a boarding student’s (you’d be surprised to see how often day students spend the nights on boarding school campuses; some boarding schools assign their day students beds), and a separation from local friends with whom they might have been going to school since kindergarten- all to get the best opportunities available.

It can be hard. Day students make great commitments to attend the local boarding school. This kind of commitment of offer from New Hampton is great to see.

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