Going to Culver Academies

Culver Academies students Michael and Monique explore how and why a Culver education fits them.

Talking with AdmissionsQuest’s Peter Baron, Michael explains the appeal and traditions of Culver’s Black Horse Troop- known for escorting the incoming United States Presidents as part of inaugural ceremonies. Monique talks about asking her mother to explore boarding school options; she came to Culver focused on pursuing academic and athletic opportunities.

Both understand and see how Culver’s focus on time-management, structure, and discipline is laying the foundation for their future success.

They are learning how to accomplishing things efficiently, during an allotted time, then, quickly transition to one’s next responsibility. Michael and Monique appreciate the self-reliance cultivated in Culver’s boarding environment.

Peter Baron is the Chief Evangelist at WhippleHill Communications, the owner of AdmissionsQuest, and a partner at edSocialMedia. Peter regularly blogs about school communication along with hosting the regular videocast series, Boarding School Campus Tours. You can find him on Google+.

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