Eight Questions to Help Families Get to the Heart of How a School Works With Students

Families visiting AdmissionsQuest refer continually to our library of articles and resources regarding the private school admission process.

With cyclical admission calendars, good tried and true references and advice stand the tests of time. Fresh views and new insight prove hard to come by in the routine of admission cycles.

We’ve got some fresh views from a great perspective.

We’ve published a new admission article by The Webb Schools (Claremont, CA) Admission Director Leo Marshall, “Eight Questions that Every Parent Should Ask an Admission Director.”

Marshall’s perspective helps parents focus substantive posititions and practices in a school- things that parents should know and understand as part of finding the best fit between school and student. He shares his ideas in the videocast above.

Marshall’s questions get to the heart of how boarding schools & private day schools interact, encourage, nurture, and how teachers connect with students.

1. Will my child be known?
2. Will the school embrace the curious?
3. Will my child be encouraged to dream?
4. Will thinking out loud be expected?
5. Are right and wrong defined?
6. Are teachers coaches or simply givers of information?
7. Will mastery of subjects be expected?
8. Are teachers allowed to be teachers and parents allowed to be parents?

Marshall concludes:

“…There are, perhaps, a few more I would add to this list but engaging parents in these types of questions, frankly, energizes me as an educator which we admission directors are first and foremost. If I could not answer these questions, I would have to think about my ability to represent the school. And if I did spend more time with parents on these types of questions, I would learn more about their aspirations for their child and could help them make an informed decision about attending our school.”

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