Simple Video; Powerful Message: Gould Academy

Carefully aggregating and sharing web content produced by boarding schools helps to fuel our blog. Sometimes the examples are subtle, organic mentions of an event or aspect of a school’s community.

These ‘every day’ stories build a foundation for the narrative that clues families into the vibe on campus.

Take this video of a Gould Academy (Bethel, ME) student studying while waiting in line for a chairlift at Sunday River. It springs off the screen.

Recorded with an iPhone, it communicates Gould to a “T” without the concern or worry of having to produce a glitzy video.

Gould’s Director of Communications, Tucker Kimball, explained via email:

“For Gould, a traditional, New England boarding school with strong academics and a strong competitive on-snow program, this short clip really hits the mark.

A lot of it was timing of course but the head snowboarding coach simply recorded the moment with his iPhone. It’s fun, it’s authentic and it tells a story.  Like Coach Davies’ says in the clip. ‘It’s awesome.’”

I couldn’t agree more. In a 19 second video, Coach Davies captures, shows & make a connection to an important ingredient of Gould’s recipe for success without breaking the bank or feeling staged.

Check out Gould’s new Competitive Program site, Ride Gould, to see additional examples of how Gould connects with students & parents.

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  • @derekperkins

    What a great clip! Authentic and real. Capturing moments like this are priceless.

  • D.Dekker

    what a great thing gould academy is doing! To actually see a young man studying in a ski lift line is awaesome. Show he is more into learning than just activites. This boarding school seems very legit and i cant wait to learn more about it.

  • T. Kimball

    Thanks, Peter, for posting. And thanks for the comments folks!


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