Artist Wayne White Creates at The Webb School

The Webb School (Bell Buckle, TN) art teacher Mike Quinn brought his friend and Middle Tennessee State classmate, Wayne White, to campus as part of Webb’s Fine Arts Week and the school’s 140th anniversary.

White arrived on campus with incredible bona fides having worked on well known projects such as “Pee Wee’s Playhouse” and “The Muppet Show.”

At Webb, White created a nearly 30′ tall puppet of Webb School founder W.R. “Sawney” Webb.

“I’ve never done one quite like this,” White told the Daily News Journal. In true performer/pupeteer fashion, White seems to have gotten the most joy out of seeing students parade the puppet through campus again telling the Daily News Journal: “…my motivation is watching it just now…If you can do something like this, it’s irresistible. I do it because I can do it….With animation and puppets, you can draw a character, build a character and it lives and moves. My ideas can live outside of myself in the real world…” (Webb School Founder ‘Strolls’ Campus Again, DNJ)

Photo credit: Webb

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