The Unsung Part of Westover School’s Green Cup Accomplishment

View Ch 3 TV's video clip on Westover's Solar Panel Dedication Ceremony

Westover School recently held a ribbon cutting for its newly installed 158.60 kW solar energy system.

Motivated by Green Cup Challenge competition and a school-wide commitment to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, Westover’s consumption of grid electricity has declined by 37.5%.

Creative financing- like many non-profits, Westover’s capital spending has come under pressure from market declines and a slow economy.

The project became financially viable through a: “20 year solar Power Purchase Agreement with California-based Solar Power Partners, Inc…

Under the terms of the solar PPA, SPP owns, operates, and maintains the system and sells the electricity generated by the solar panels back to Westover at a fixed rate for the life of the contract. With no money down, Westover is able to save on their electricity rates, hedge against raising rates, lower their carbon footprint with clean energy…” (Business Wire)

A partial grant from the Connecticut Clean Energy Fund made the project possible.

The unsung part of the story are the planning, commitment and time to secure the financing for this project.

Bringing power generation to fruition in this case required Westover to begin with a commitment; secure a grant; secure workable financing for costs uncovered by the grant; and, insure that future costs to the school proved viable.

Several people in Westover’s administration and perhaps on the school’s board of trustees did some good work to make this happen.

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