A Scholar Among Us: Henryk Hoffman, Perkiomen School

Henryk Hoffman, Perkiomen SchoolScholarship is an interesting and quiet side of some boarding school faculty. It seems there’s always a faculty member or two researching, writing or creating and showing.

We recently came across an article by Mr. Henryk Hoffman, Latin and German teacher as well as the World Languages Department Chair at Perkiomen School.

Mr. Hoffman’s piece “Elmore Through the Eyes of a Polish Born WWA Member” was published in the February 2010 issue of Roundup Magazine- journal the Western Writers of America.

A congratulations to Mr. Hoffman on winning the Owen Wister Award, “Elmore Through the Eyes of a Polish Born WWA Member” chronicles the affects of Elmore’s writing and screen plays on the young movie goer and reader, quietly making the case for the quality and depth of Elmore’s work.

Elmore’s work led Hoffman into scholarship.

“…They [Leonard's crime books] are also unique in the way they include numerous cinematic references for more than just decorative purpo- ses. This tendency of Leonard’s—most obvious in such novels as Freaky De- aky, Killshot, Get Shorty, Out of Sight and Be Cool— became instrumental in my idea to write a book on movie references and allusions in American literature. I have researched a great deal of other writers and found some two hundred with similar inclinations, but Leonard is definitely unsurpassed in this respect and his entry in the project is by far the largest one.

Thus, humming nostalgically the tune from 3:10 to Yuma (which, in the unforgettable rendition by Frankie Laine, enhances the atmosphere of the original movie), I pay homage to the great writer of Western and crime fiction and congratulate him on the well-deserved Owen Wister Award. My selfish wish, on this occasion, is that some more of his brilliant Western works would find recognition by the current decision makers in Hollywood.”

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