Hyde School: Focus on Fundamentals

NBC Connecticut reporter Brad Drazen published a piece titled “A School to Shape Character as Well as Mind.”

While we’ve covered Hyde School quite a bit, one part of Drazens’ article stands out. It provides a succinct, presentation of Hyde’s fundamental belief and teaching that attitude, work ethic, and character provide the foundation from which academic achievement grows.

Hyde Executive Director Laura Gauld explained this way to Grazen:

“In fact, if you really want achievement, which is what we do, you can’t make that your primary focus…It could be that kid that’s struggling in school, but it also could be that sibling who’s doing everything right, but maybe doesn’t have that authentic self-confidence.” (NBC,CT)

Hyde works to build authentic self confidence through full involvement- of the student and their family.

Hyde requires students to participate in all aspects of school life- academics, performing arts, athletics. This constant participation, stretching, learning, and growing, with support of the Hyde community and families, spurs Hyde students to new levels of confidence and capability.

Will Sobo, a Hyde senior, told Drazen:

“Honestly, getting to college wouldn’t have been a reality. They really push the limits of your character (at Hyde). A lot of kids come in here, including myself, whose character was shaky…It’s not always easy and it’s not always fun, but I’m happy that I came here.” (NBC, CT)

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