An Educational Consultant Visits Phillips Exeter Academy

Phillips Exeter Academy is a place where students come to learn about learning. I got a real sense of community in a large college-like setting. Students hustling to classes on their bikes; students running to sports; students in classes were fully engaged around Harkness tables. Each student is expected to play an important role in the success of each class. Everyone was busy, actively involved, and focused at the task at hand.

Students and faculty were friendly and answered many of my questions.

Speaking to a freshman girl from a New York public school, she told me “you work very hard but it is doable” and “I can be the best I can be!”

A junior boy exclaimed, “Exeter is amazing ever since I stepped foot on campus I have been involved!” He particpates on the debate team, in the Shakespeare club, cross country team and many productions. He added, “Academics are tough but challenging and we are learning so much.”

Even though the campus is big you get to know everyone. He also told me he would like to get involved in the school’s radio station next semester and possibly form an Independent political party club on campus. You can be yourself and you don’t have to follow the crowd.

Like other campuses the faculty at Exeter worries about their students and sleep deprivation so they are changing their daily schedule by shortening each class by five minutes and letting students have more sleep in the morning. They will start their first class at 8:25 a.m. next semester on a trail basis.

A student attending Exeter needs to be the kind of student that is:

· organized

· bright

· a love for learning

· excellent grades with potential to grow academically and socially

· outgoing/highly motivated

· hard working

· self driven/self advocate

· wants to get involved with a large community

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Marylou Marcus

Marylou Marcus draws on 25+ years as an independent school educator & Director of Admission & Financial Aid when working with a family to find the best private school fit for their child. Contact Marylou for help in your search for the right prep school or visit to learn more about her work with families.

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