A Freshman Finds His Way: First Days at The Webb School

Editor’s note:  James joins onBoarding Schools as a contributor for the 2009-2010 academic year. A new student at The Webb School in Bell Buckle, TN, James offers his insight and commentary into the world of a 9th grade boarding school student- what it’s like, the challenges, and what’s great about it.

Well I’m finally at Webb now and it is great. After making the extremely long drive up from south Florida I’m transitioning nicely. During the first weekend at school all the guys in my dorm went to a pizza restaurant and got to know each other over hot, delicious pizza. It was really fun learning about my dorm mates and where they are from, the farthest is my roommate from Shanghai, China. The next day we went on a Wal-Mart trip to get some “essential supplies” for our dorm rooms like snacks or school supplies.

That Monday classes started, and the anxiety about getting to the right class on time set in. Fortunately all those worries were gone by lunch, mostly by the returning students who kindly pointed any lost freshman in the right direction, and the teachers who were a little more lenient about new students being on time for class. Each evening there are two hours devoted solely to homework and studying. At the beginning I thought that two hours was a lot of time for studying, but once you get into that routine it really doesn’t feel like too much time.

After school the next day everyone signed up for a basic. Basics are, as the name somewhat implies, an after-school activity about the basic skills of a sport. At lacrosse basics everyone was great and really welcoming; the older kids let me borrow their extra gear until I could get mine.

Another cool thing about classes at Webb is having class outdoors. Yesterday it was beautiful outside, sunny and warm. We had World Cultures class outside, and in my opinion, having class in the shade is more productive and enjoyable than inside.

One of the most fun things at Webb is living in the dorm. Think of living with all your friends, we do so many fun things together. Just a few days ago, twenty or thirty guys all went down to the soccer field and had a huge pickup soccer game going. No one really cared how good you were, it was all for the fun of it. Another fun thing that kids do in our dorm is watch football together. Last Saturday was opening day for most college teams, so we all watched the Tennessee game on TV. Since we are in Tennessee, there are a lot of big UT fans, and they all were wearing their Tennessee jerseys and cheering about the game.

Well that’s what the opening weeks a Webb have been like for me. Check back later for more news about Webb life.

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