Trinity-Pawling Alumnus Dillon Quinn Joins the Boston College Defensive Line

Just a couple of months removed from Trinity-Pawling School, Dillon Quinn fights to learn the techniques and discipline of becoming a sound, major college defensive lineman.

Boston College defensive coordinator Bill McGovern told the Boston Globe (Quinn Could Offer Eagles Raw Power):

“He’s an interesting kid. Obviously, he’s physically imposing. But like any young guy coming in, he’s got to learn that, in this game up here, you have to stay low, you have to play with good technique.’’ (BG)

Quinn is getting up-to-speed and is adapting to the faster game in which nothing comes easy or is take for granted. Quinn told the Globe:

“The intensity of the practices of the defensive line has surprised me a little.  We’re practicing harder than anybody, and we’re doing drill after drill while the offensive line is doing its patty-cake drills…

“…The only thing I look at is the next day…I’m just taking small steps. I know everybody is excited about the first game, but we have a long way to go before we get there.’’ (BG)

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