Ethel Walker School Joins Farm Based Education and the Local Farm and Produce Movement

As member of the Community Farm of Simsbury (CFS), Ethel Walker School (Simsbury, CT) will be participating in the renewal of Simsbury’s Town Farm. CFS has leased 38 tillable acres  from the Town of Simsbury with plans to make the land and farming a place of lessons, learning and contributions to the community.

CFS will manage and operate the farm in support of its mission:

“….to preserve the Town Farm as an environmentally sound sustainable working farm, providing education, building community support and serving the local community and its poor…

A farmer will lease the tillable acreage, which will provide not only harvestable food but gardening and volunteer opportunities for students, residents, the aged and veterans. Outreach programs with colleges, universities, other farm operations and non-profit organizations are planned.” (Ethel Walker)

Ethel Walker will work with the CFS Executive Director to develop curricula incorporating environmental studies, nutrition, conservation, and community service around the farm; the curricula will be available to all area schools.

As the Executive Director of The Farm-Based Education Association, Ethel Walker Alumna, Brooke Redmond is a driving force behind farm-based education.

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Photo credit: Ethel Walker School

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