A Visit to San Domenico School

Many thanks to the admission office at San Domenico School for giving me a tour of the campus during a recent visit to the Bay Area. You can see what I saw by viewing the photo gallery below.

If you’re not familiar with San Domenico, it’s a Catholic K-12 school in San Anselmo, CA that offers an interesting twist. It’s a coed day school from grades PreK-8 that makes the switch to an all-girls boarding/day school starting in grade 9. I can think of just one other school in the US that offers this combo (Santa Catalina School). Am I missing any?

While I didn’t have a chance to see the school in session, I did get a feel for the kinds of opportunities available to the students. In particular, their art/music facilities & offerings really stood out- they offer a nationally recognized Music Conservatory & Virtuoso Program (“for young women who are exploring their potential as string  musicians and wish to dedicate themselves to a rigorous academic and musical  curriculum during their high school years”) along with dance, theater arts and visual arts programs.

As for the campus, not only is it a beautiful spot surrounded by the classic California hills that seem to frame so many of the CA boarding schools, it’s just a short 40 minute drive to San Francisco.

In terms of the photos, take a look at their new solar farm. Their 412 kilowatt solar energy system is the largest school installation in Marin County. You can even monitor its output on their site.

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