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It's Tough. But, when we acknowledge the problem, we can work with it.

From hearsay to media reporting, the subject has found the light. The economic slowdown has, and will, affect private schools and their families. In an earlier post, we noted Trinity Pawling School Headmaster, Arch Smith's open, honest letter on the matter; his was the first public discussion from a school administrator that we'd seen on the topic. In the tight world of New York City private schools, the financial climate has prompted several schoools to publish similar letters addressing admission, financial aid, and school fiscal health.

Winnie Hu and Alison Leigh Cowan wrote "Private Schools Say They're Thriving in Downturn" in November 28th's New York Times. Alongside the article, the Times provides copies of letters from seven schools addressing the current financial situation. You can download each as a pdf file.

The article title proves more optimistic than the content. While some schools may indeed live through these times unscathed, the latter 2/3 of the article features the ways in which schools are working lower costs and live in leaner times.

I find the honesty and candor reassuring and comforting. We can work with the problem when it's out in the open. Let us know what you think about this challenge by leaving a comment. We'd love to add your thoughts & ideas to the conversation.

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