Florida Air Academy Faculty Member Nominated for Science Teacher of the Year

Florida Air Academy faculty member, Lania Rosengren, recently attended the award ceremony as a nominee for Science Teacher of the Year- a national contest sponsored by Discovery Education and the 3M Foundation. She was one of five finalists for the award.

Rosengren challenges and entertains her students by presenting lessons through rap in the classroom. As Ms. Rosengren told Floridatoday.com:

“Every year I perform at least one rap for my students about the subject we are learning. I find a song and make up the lyrics. I dress up, and a lot of students do not even recognize me. When they figure it out, they go crazy! When I perform, a lot of students want to rap along with me, dance and there’s a lot of laughing and cheering. I encourage them to try and rap along with me as I pass out the lyrics. I try to make my lessons interesting enough for the students to want to learn and this is one way I found that really works.” 

Ms. Rosengren also receives great accolades from her colleagues at Florida Air. Antiny White, FAA’s Principal, told Floridatoday.com:

“Lania is a wonderful example of how creative and innovative methods can really transform the learning process. She has high academic standards, and she makes science fun for the students. That’s everything you want in a teacher. We’re excited for her that she’s receiving this kind of national recognition.” 

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