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Prep School Football Gains International Flavor

It's been said for some time that America's greatest export is our culture- movies, entertainment and sports (I first came across this notion at a talk given by the economist John Kenneth Galbraith more than 20 years ago). What's interesting is that, as we export our culture, and a larger body of people begin living it, our talent pool for say- acting or athletics- grows.

As American players have made inroads into European soccer, foreign born players are now finding their way into American football. The International Herald Tribune ran an article last weekend highlighting USA Football.

As American football grows as an export and athletes- mostly in Europe- learn the game at younger ages, good athletes, well versed in the game become prospective players at even higher levels of the game. Every coach looks for the advantage- stronger, faster, smarter.

The IHT story focuses on players moving from the European club teams to American prep-school teams (Mercersburg Academy, Kimball Union Academy, Salisbury School, Kent School) and their entry into the highest level of college football- the Bowl Championship Subdivision.

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