A Visit to Three New England Boarding Schools

Family travels took us to New England last week and I had the opportunity to pay three boarding schools quick visits. Thoughts and observations:

South Kent School

I spent the most time at South Kent School. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling of the SKS campus- as s member of opposing teams playing SKS teams and as an adult. It’s a small boys school that remains dedicated to boys education and the campus has always had a warm familial feel. I got to talk to Rich Brande, the school’s admission director. I asked few questions and got an update on SKS today.

The most interesting things I learned about at SKS are their third form (9th grade) and fourth form (10th grade) programs. Each form operates under a formal title with a specific set of goals; third form- A Sense of Place: Community and Belonging; fourth form The Quest- Coming of age. Each form program is team taught integrating subject matters and methods.

The Marvelwood School

Pouring rain limited our view to a drive around the Marvlewood campus. My wife- who lived on this campus when it was the Kent School girls campus- noticed Marvelwood’s new gym- the Anne Davidson Scott Athletic Facility. We didn’t get a chance to go inside, but it appears quite nice.

You can learn more about Marvelwood’s new athletic facility by visiting the school’s site.

Wolfeboro, The Summer Boarding School
As long time members of the Wolfeboro family, we spent good parts of two days on campus. I never cease to be amazed by how well the school maintains and upholds it’s structured days. Three sit-down meals, classes, activities, and homework six days a week provide innumerable lessons for students. We ate three meals with students in the dining room. Students and faculty seemed pleased with their summer’s work.

Checkout AQ’s New England boarding schools list for a complete run down of all of the schools in the region.

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