Musings on the Meaning of Boarding School

Thumbing through education blogs this morning, we stumbled on some thoughts written by a Tabor Academy student as he nears graduation. Trying to sort and sift the meanings and contributions of boarding school to his growth, he reaches the conclusion that we too have reached. Boarding school isn’t a special panacea; it’s rooted in relationships.

However, looking closer it is not the boarding aspect or the kids that I am surrounded by but it is the faculty that really set Tabor apart. The fact that I am surrounded nearly twenty four seven by enthusiastic, motivated, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable has changed me in a much stronger way then I could have imagined. After being forced to interact with healthy and positive adult role models I have become much more confident when I interact with an older individual. Whenever I give a tour I can make an immediate connection with the parents of the prospective student. In an interview for college I am confident that I will be able to formulate my ideas and get myself across to my interviewer.

You can read the entire piece at his blog, The Almighty Bouch.

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