Hyde School: Occupying a Unique Place in the Boarding School World

hyde-school.jpgHyde School occupies a unique place in the boarding school world. The Hyde experience is about building and growing people.  Working with a clear mission and focus, Hyde “works well with the off-track teenager, reacquainting them with what it takes to get back on track.”

Using a setting dedicated to teaching and helping students become conscience-centered learners first and foremost, Hyde’s tight focus shapes every part of the school- making the school experience all encompassing; everything/all parts of living become lessons and learning experiences at Hyde.

Focused on building and developing students’ moral and ethical compass, the school’s approach to character development extends beyond the student to include the family.  Hyde requires the participation of the student’s family as a fundamental piece of every student’s growth and education.

Hyde unifies three great forces of personal development – education, character and family – calling this framework a Character Compass.  The four points of the Hyde’s Character Compass include:

  1. A philosophy of character based on- Courage Leadership, Integrity, Curiosity, and Concerns
  2. Dynamic and inspiring peer culture
  3. Committed faculty
  4. Parents.  Hyde requires parent and family participation

Hyde’s structures and codes provide external influences and lessons, teaching students that he/she and his/her actions have a relationship and responsibility to the world and those around them.  I’ve always been impressed that Hyde students work to practice the highest notions of responsibility-  to be good and do good when no-one asks and when no one is looking; and to always leave a place or situation better than when you arrived.

No part of any student’s life is untouched or unshaped by Hyde. Visit the school’s site to learn more.

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